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I’d really like to eat a buffet from Uranus… (Foolish naivety or fiendishly clever branding?)

I’d really like to eat a buffet from Uranus… (Foolish naivety or fiendishly clever branding?)

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Very interesting read


Google’s trend charts of the phrase “Harlem Shake” are seismic. Almost no one looked for the words until Feb. 7, then searches surged faster than any term Google ever had, except for “Whitney Houston” after her death. A few weeks later, they fell close to zero.

Full Story: Quartz

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Send your Facebook Profile to Cape Town
Fantastic work by Cape Town Tourism Board to raise awareness of what the area has to offer.

The app makes it look like you’re in Cape Town by updating posts and images.  

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PAR Works‘ technology lets users to create augmented reality overlays on building exteriors, inside retail stores, on vehicles, and more. These can provide customized information for others to view, for example, historical facts about an object or details about a house for sale. This enables people to get more information about an object quickly and easily.

Read more: http://www.psfk.com/2013/03/ar-information-overlay.html 

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Preventing disease with awareness in India

Such a simple concept.  Hand-washing message applied directly on to the bread people are eating with.  Great example of identifying a customer touchpoint and delivering a message int he clearest way possible.  

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Social Media Marketing: Ikea’s Facebook showroom

I know this is a little old now but definitely still worth sharing.  Ikea’s brilliant Facebook showroom that encourages people to win items by tagging them within uploaded photos.  Very simple way of getting photos on as many feeds as possible.  

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Nice idea…HCP-targeted audio ads that can only be heard with use of a stethoscope. Intended to promote placement of foreign doctors in rural areas of Africa - http://ahp.org.za/

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re:beat allows you to send your virtual heartbeat to “the one you love”.  Does anyone have a virtual bucket for my digital vomit? 

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#FridayFunFact2: mobile now accounts for more than half of Facebook’s DAUs and MAUs!  As Zuck said, Facebook now is a “mobile company” (or at least needs to be).

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For those of you that thought YouTube channels would hail the end of quality subscription-free programming - think again.


Russell Holly for Geek.com:

Ad revenue from a healthy YouTube channel can be enough to keep an operation of 2-3 people happy, but these new channels are significantly larger scale operations with budgets that can only be reached with the help of some guaranteed monthly cash. To help keep the quality of this new content trending upwards, Google plans to offer certain channels the ability to charge a monthly fee for their content.

I, for one, welcome our new subscription television overlords. You pay for what you want to watch rather than hundreds of channels of bullshit you couldn’t possibly watch even if you wanted to. $1-$5 a month per show. A fair price. What a concept.

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